You're in the right place if you want to...

•Experience more connection and a greater bond with your teen

• Have a lasting impact in the life of your teen on topics that really matter

• Empower & inspire their self knowledge & personal growth

•Help your child have motivation, purpose and hope

It's a challenging time to raise teenagers

Check OUT these unique INteractive Courses & Resources for Parents & Teens

Mom and daughter smiling while working together on the computer on the Know Thyself Together interactive course from The Life Compass Academy

Know Thyself Together

This 10 lesson interactive digital course is made for parents to take alongside their teen. You will...

•Build your connection and increase your influence in your child's life!

•Spend quality time together as you discuss meaningful & important topics.

•Have great conversations about things that matter.

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Free Kindness Cards

Download and print 20 free cards to engage your teen in a thoughtful kindness activity while teaching them much needed skills. You get...

•20 cards on kindness, encouragement, friendship, forgiveness and gratitude.

•A guide to writing a handwritten note & sending snail mail.

•A meaningful activity to do together while focusing on others.

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Father and son happy together after taking the free interactive happiness lesson from the Life Compass Academy

Free Happiness Lesson

Are you and your favorite teens struggling right now? It is easy to get bogged down in all the negativity. Take this interactive lesson with your teen or mature tween and...

•Explore happiness together.

•Relate, connect and learn about each other, happiness and yourself.

•Get tips to create more positivity in your lives.

This free lesson is a part of the the Know Thyself Together course.

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Hi, I'm Erin!

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What students have to say

I love you Mrs. Livingston, you were the best leadership teacher and life mentor anyone could ask for.

Stan, 16

"Your class changed my life."

Neta, 17

I have learned so many new things and made so many new connections and I am so grateful.

Maddie, 15

What colleagues have to say

Throughout my years of working with Erin, she has proven herself to be one of the most highly competent, hardworking, and passionate leaders I have ever met. No one who has ever had the pleasure of working with her walks away without developing a great respect for her leadership, integrity, relationships and vision.

Matt, Principal

Literally hundreds of students point to Erin as THE critical teacher in their lives...the teacher that made the most significant difference for them academically and socially.

Ken, Principal

I have watched Erin countless times engaging with a classroom full of leadership students, or a gym filled with hundreds of students, and witnessed how her energy positively fills them up. She infects people with unbounded optimism and joy.

Dan, Josten's Rep

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