Navigating Together

  • Do We Need to Explicitly Teach Good Person Skills? 

    We know the world our kids are growing up in is a whole lot different than it was 10 and even 5 years ago.  Are we teaching our kids the skills they need to be a good person? What are some of the skills they need to be a helpful, kind, encouraging, accepting, moral, ethical and excellent human beings that will lead in the future?  Explore these ideas with me!
  • Week of Kindness - Host a Sweet Week!

    A Sweet Week of Intentional Acts of Kindness is what every school needs in February to help turn attitudes, hearts and minds in the right direction! This week of kindness will inspire positivity, build culture and community and help your school focus on what is good, right, kind, positive and just what we all need right now - love, sweet love!  It doesn't have to be Valentines Week for the sweetness to happen -a week of kindness can happen at anytime, so I hope you will go for it!
    1. Empower Teens -Creating Healthy Habits!

      Creating Healthy Habits is a great way to start a new year or a new semester in any class or homeschool environment.  Our students can't learn if they are not in a good state of mind, body and soul and we know that most students today are not!  Give your teens hope and focus by guiding and empowering them to focus on what they can control-their own wonderful selves.


    2. Happiness -Teachable Skill or Passive State of Mind?

      One person at a time, one family at a time, can we change our habits, train our brains, renew our minds, learn new practices, and raise our level of positivity and happiness to create a better atmosphere for ourselves, our kids and those around us? How can it be a learned way of life instead of an achievement or end result, or something elusive that seems like it will only be temporary?