Empower Teens -Creating Healthy Habits!

Hey you! How's it going over there? How are you feeling? 

Excited for a new year or new semester? Indifferent? Nervous? 

Wherever you are, it's here, so let's go!  If you are like me, you have already started to do the new years things. Reflect on 2021, analyze current habits, write out some goals, cross some out, find an app to help, delete the app, journal to find my WORD for the year, settle on three words because I can't just have one, add more habits mentally...whew!

As I write this I think I must sound crazy, but there have to be others out there like me!  I struggle to be organized and focused, love to create and constantly seek personal growth in the areas I am good at and the areas I lack - time management, self care, balance, clear focus.

2021 was pretty crazy, and who knows what is coming in 2022,  so the first things I know I should focus on are the things I can control. Always good to start there!

As a spontaneous person who can be all over the place, I need to focus on a few strategies to force me into some semblance of organization to form and practice new habits!  I need help deciding what to focus on, what to do, and what to let go of.  I like outside accountability, a partner or someone checking in on me and helping me to stay on track. What do you need?

When I think about how hard it is to be a teenager these days, I KNOW they need help focusing on what they can control.  They need help building healthy habits as a foundation of their life to be physically, emotionally, relationally and MENTALLY healthy!  We need to help them navigate their own thoughts, feelings, words and actions! 

How can you help them?  Break it down and ask some questions.

1.  Physically 

How are you feeling physically? Do you have energy? Are you tired? Do you feel strong?  What are you feeling positive and good about? What do you wish were different about how you look and feel physically? What could you do improve to feel better?


2. Relationally

How are your relationships? What is going well and what is not going so well regarding friends, family, teachers, etc. in your life? What do you wish were different?  

3. Successfully Speaking  

What is your definition of success? Do you think you are successful?  What do you do that contributes to your success? What might keep you from being successful? How are your habits around school, homework, studying, communicating and advocating for yourself? 

4. Emotionally

How's your heart? How have you been feeling? What do you think contributes to these feelings? What do you wish were different about how you have been feeling? 

Start with asking some questions and helping them see where they are and where they want to be. Help empower them to make decisions that are best for their life. If you can help them break 1 bad habit or form 1 good one, that will be a success!

If you are looking for something to do with your teens in the new year, help them get focused on Creating Healthy Habits that will set them up for success in all the areas of their life. 

It's pretty amazing to think about how important good habits are. When we think about what we want for ourselves and those we love, which looks better?


It's pretty simple to know which side is better, but also easy to see that lots of our favorite people do THIS and not THAT! 

Help them focus on what is important to get the results that we know will be better for their lives. Empower them to see what is good, right and true and to make the decision for themselves! We can't make anyone do anything, but we certainly can help them see what is better and choose a good path to set them up for success.  Be the guide to THAT, because if THIS is what they know, that is what they might do and repeat over and over.  We know where that leads.  

I made Creating Healthy Habits Activities and Lessons to help teens take control of themselves and what they want. Our students need tools to help them look at where they are and where they want to be.  They need a push out of their comfort zone to get them thinking and talking with interactive activities, lots of questions, quotes, examples and some laughter. They might resist at first, but don’t we resist most hard things and changes that are good for us!? Once they get over themselves, they can look inward while taking a habits assessment and a desire assessment.  Several videos are included to help show them the benefits of great habits!  They can create their simple action plan with trackers for 3 weeks and a final reflection. If your students get into it, I made templates for them to create positive posters to inspire the  class, the whole school or the entire family.  It’s a worthwhile endeavor for EVERYONE! The best part is learning and growing alongside your students!  I know every time we addressed this together in my Leadership classes, I would also grow, be inspired by my students who were building new habits and sharing about it.  In a community of growth, inspiration, motivation and excellence are contagious!  We are always better together!

Creating Healthy Habits is a great way to start a new year or a new semester in any class or homeschool environment.  Our students can't learn if they are not in a good state of mind, body and soul and we know that most students today are not!  Change it around! Give your teens hope and focus by guiding and empowering them to focus on what they can control, their own wonderful selves.

Check out Creating Healthy Habits Activities and Lessons to empower your students to become healthier, stronger, happier, more confident, more hopeful and more excellent and more successful!




"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Will Durant


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