Tutoring Services

Students struggling to do homework

Look Familiar?

Is your teen struggling to complete homework, understand concepts in Spanish class or write a paper?

Do they sit for hours and accomplish little? Get distracted easily by their phone and notifications?

Do you fight senselessly with no improvement?  

I can help!

I am certified in English, Spanish and ESL and love to work one on one or in small groups to help guide students to their own discovery and learning.

We can work over zoom to complete work, brainstorm, write, learn a difficult concept or problem solve an issue.  At the same time, I will help build confidence and the executive functions necessary for learning and self management at school.

We will work on executive functions like:





and more!

Sound like something your student needs? Give me a call or contact me and we can talk through your questions. 

Let's set up a call with you and then with your student to see if we are a good fit for each other! I love to build connections and would be honored to mentor your teen!

Simply Contact Me and let's get started!